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Larson, David, John S. Lyons, James D. Robinson, and Thomas Skill. "The Portrayal of Religion and Spirituality on Fictional Network Television." JSTOR . Mar. 1994. Web. <http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/3511892.pdf?acceptTC=true>. This study looks at the influence of religion in fictional prime time television. The study does so by looking at a range of many religious factors during a five-week period of 1990 where there was a sample of 260 series episodes of television looked at. This totaled a whopping 181.5 hours of programming. The commercial networks being looked at were ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Throughout all of the episodes, the authors of this study attempted to determine the frequency and distribution of religious identification, the varying range of religious behaviors, and the “valence (positive or negative), importance, and context (humorous or serious) of the religious behaviors engaged in by speaking characters.” The religious/spiritual behaviors were categorized into six different
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