BMB 401-506 Fall 2007 Exam 3F1

BMB 401-506 Fall 2007 Exam 3F1 - I, (Name) _ have neither...

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I, (Name) _________________________________________ have neither received nor given help BMB 401/506-Fall 2007 Examination III November 6, 2007 During this exam you should not be in possession of any electronic equipment (beeper, cellular phone, earphone, iPods, calculators, etc.), books and papers, other than the test. Please place all these materials in your book bag (after you turn them off!!) and place the bag against the wall of the room. THESE ARE STANDARD ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. THE POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE LABELED A, B, C, D AND E. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER AND MARK THE APPROPRIATE CIRCLE ON THE SCANTRON ANSWER SHEET. Bubble in your name and ID# (C# please) and seat number. There are 42 questions. You will receive full credit for 40 correct answers. 1. Citrate causes mammalian acetyl CoA carboxylase to assume: A. Polymeric form B. Catalytically active form C. Activation of the dephospho-form by low, physiologically relevant, concentrations of citrate D. All of the above E. None of the above 2. Select the FALSE statement. Insulin promotes lipogenesis by: A. Inhibiting hormone-sensitive lipase B. Activating acetyl CoA carboxylase C. Increased uptake of circulating glucose D. By activating phosphoprotein phosphatase responsible for dephosphorylating phospho acetyl CoA carboxylase 3. All of the enzymes given below are involved in the transport of mitochondrial acetyl CoA to the cytosolic compartment EXCEPT: A. Citrate synthase B. Citrate translocase C. Malate dehydrogenase D. ATP-citrate lyase 4. Cholesterol is precursor to: A. Prostaglandins B. Vitamin D C. Estrogens D. A. 5. During fasting, the glycerol backbone of triacylglycerol is converted to which ONE of the following products? A. Cholesterol B. Fatty acids C. Glucose D. Bile acids E. None of the above 6. Which ONE of the following groups is most reduced? A. –CH= B. –CH2- C. –CH3 D. –CHO E. –CHN- 7. A genetic defect in the enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of N-acetylglutamate would most likely result in: A. No detectable citrulline B. Elevated levels of arginine C. Elevated levels of urea D. No detectable ornithine 8. In addition to proteins, major components of VLDL circulating in the blood of a normally fed individual include A. Triacylglycerol, cholesterol and phospholipid B. Triacylglycerol, squalene and phospholipid C. Triacylglycerol, squalene and sphingosine D. Monoacylglycerol, sphingosine and Vitamin A 9. The primary function of enteropeptidase(enterokinase) is to convert: A. Chymotrypsinogen to chymotrypsin B. Pepsinogen to pepsin C. Proinsulin to insulin D. Trypsinogen to trypsin E. Proelastase to elastase 10. Which one of the following DOES NOT occur as a result of glucagon binding to its receptor on adipocytes? A.
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BMB 401-506 Fall 2007 Exam 3F1 - I, (Name) _ have neither...

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