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Extra Sample Essay Questions for Final Exam

Extra Sample Essay Questions for Final Exam - CLA 220...

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CLA 220: Additional Final Exam Sample Questions 1. Relationships. Couples. Marriages. The gods and demi-gods in mythology often have more turbulent relationships than humans. In many relationship myths, one person in the couple is fleeing, while the other is pursuing. Or, they may be kept apart for reasons beyond their control. Or, some kind of tragedy or death might befall them. Discuss at least three myths we’ve studied this semester that take up the theme of marriage or relationships. Are they successful? If not, why? What kinds of problems or obstacles arise in these relationships, and how are they resolved, if in fact they are resolved at all? 2. Mothers often take on troubled roles in mythology, either on the receiving end of tragedy or as the troublemakers themselves. Discuss two myths from the semester where mothers are central to the outcomes or plots of the myths. Explain how the two myths you’ve chosen portray mothers.
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