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Fall06Hw1 - Points 30(Grad)40 Due Implement the Maximum...

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CSE 5211/4081 Fall 2006 Homework 1 Points: 15/(Grad)20 Due: 9/7/06 1. Prove that ( i=0 N-1 i) is Θ ( N 2 ). 2. Analyze the complexity in Questions 2.7 ( 5 ) and ( 6 ). 3. UG: Compare actual run times for 2.8 d, and answer 2.8 e , in the text (pages 51-52). Grad students answer all questions on 2.8 . Graduate class: 4. Provide arguments why the MaxSubSum4 algorithm works correctly, with an example. Programming assignment 1:
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Unformatted text preview: Points: 30/(Grad)40 Due: 9/19/06 Implement the Maximum Subsequence-sum algorithms – MaxSubSum1, maxSubSum2 and MaxSubSum4 from the text. Grad students also implement MaxSubSum3. Run them with increasing input size n and compare their run times. Submission: demo in class, source codes, and one/two pages of description regarding the run times....
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