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CSE 5211 Fall 2007 Homework 2 Points: 10 Due: 9/13/07 1. Write a Divide and Conquer (D&C) algorithm for multiplying a pair of square matrices. Analyze its complexity. [5] .2. Adding a sequence of numbers takes linear time by a trivial algorithm (O(n) for n number of elements). Device a D&C algorithm for the same purpose and analyze its complexity. [5] 3. Programming assignment: Points: 20 Due: 9/13/07 Implement the recursive D&C Fibonacci number calculation algorithm (using a square
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Unformatted text preview: matrix) that we discussed in the class. Compare its complexity experimentally with the four Maximum Subsequence-sum algorithms’ (from the past home work) complexities. You may need to scale the complexity of your new program in order to compare. Submission: one page of plot and discussion on the complexities versus the input sizes....
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