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Fall07PresSched - instructor Do a good job Group 1 Sorting...

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CSE 5211 Fall 2007 Presentation Schedule Points: 20 each student Due: 11/6-29/07 The following is the presentation schedule. The whole class is expected to read the materials. How the chapter is presented is for the respective group of five students to decide. Grading is individual so, every member should present some part. Each group gets two lecture periods (total 2hrs 30 min) for presentation. Remember, you will be presenting to the whole class, not only to the
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Unformatted text preview: instructor. Do a good job! Group 1: Sorting Networks (CLRS Ch 27) Dates: Nov 6 (T), 8 (R) Novielli, Nathan Oswald, Samuel Pryor, Derek Raje, Salil Swangjit, Kittichai Group 2: Matrix Algorithms (CLRS Ch 28) Dates: Nov 13 (T), 15 (R) Deoda, Vaibhav Friel, Kyle Hu, Jia Mithun S., Jamwal Wen, Jih H Group 3: Linear Programming (CLRS Ch 29) Dates: Nov 27 (T), 29 (R) Petrussenko, Denis Quiles, Luis Walsh, Thomas Nickerson, Douglas Williams, John...
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