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Hw0 - n nodes has exactly n-1 number of arcs 6 What is your...

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CSE 5211/4081 Fall 2005 Homework 0 Points: 20 Due: 8/30/05 Objective of this Home Work is to assess your background, and your current knowledge toward the target syllabus with some sample questions. It will be graded but not considered for the final course grade. Submission is mandatory – you loose Hw1 grade if you do not submit Hw0. 1. Relate Stack and Queue algorithms with FIFO and LIFO strategies. 2. Multiply the two matrices: | 1 2 3 | | 0 -1 | | 2 1 3 | X | 0 -1 | | -1 0 | 3. Define "transitive relation." 4. A "tree" is a graph without any 5. Prove by induction that a connected tree with
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Unformatted text preview: n nodes has exactly n-1 number of arcs. 6. What is your level of knowledge on “Greedy algorithms” (in a scale of 1-5, low to high)? 7. Do you know of any “Dynamic programming” algorithm? (If ‘yes’ name it.) 8. Do you know of any algorithm for finding “Minimum spanning tree” in a graph? (If ‘yes’ name it.) 9. Are you familiar with any “Divide and conquer” algorithm? (If ‘yes’ describe it briefly.) 10. Describe the significance of an NP-hard problem? Name: E-mail:...
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