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ProgAsnmnt3 - keys Encrypt the Unicode for message “hi”...

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Due: 11/25/08 in class, and on 12/14/08 by noon [25] Programming assignment 3: Groups: (1) Srividya, Manisha, and Tathagata; (2) George, Jih, and Roberto Any amount of collaboration is acceptable. Due 11/25/08 in class: A plan of individual tasks: in one page. [Points: 5] Due 12/15/08: Develop the RSS cryptography algorithm for creating Public and Secret
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Unformatted text preview: keys. Encrypt the Unicode for message “hi” using Public key and decrypt it back using Secret key. Encrypt the message “ih” using Secret key and decrypt back using Public key. [Points: 20] Submission in soft copy : the commented source code, a short report on how far you have achieved, a proof of your claim on achievement....
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