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A Quiz on some basics 1. Analyze the asymptotic time-complexity of the following algorithm- fragment. for i = n through 1 do for j = 1 through n do for k = 1 through i do begin sum = sum + k; print sum; end; for i = 1 through n do sum = sum + i; 2. What does the following algorithm do? Set up a recurrence equation for it’s time-complexity and solve the recurrence equation.
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Unformatted text preview: Algorithm unknown (int sorted Array A, int start, int end, int key) begin if start = = end && A[start] = = key then return start; else begin int mid = floor( (start + end)/2 ); if key < A[mid] then return unknown(A, start, mid, key) else return unknown(A, mid+1, end, key); end; end....
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