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Analysis of Algorithms CSE 5211 Fall 2011 Quiz 1 Points 30 Intro to Analysis of Algorithms CSE 4081 Fall 2011 Quiz 1 Points 30 Time: 45 min [Q1 answer on question paper., Q2 on your stationery.] Q1a. Solve using Master’s theorem: [10 pts] T(n) = T(n/2)+O(n) Q1b. Mention a scenario where Quicksort has O(N^2) asymptotic complexity for problem size N. Q1c. Mergesort’s worst case complexity is always same for a given problem size – true or false? Explain in a sentence. Q1d. Can Q1a be recurrence equation for asymptotic complexity of a comparison-based
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Unformatted text preview: sorting? Explain in a sentence. Q1e. What is the space-complexity (memory needed) of Quick sort? ( Think! ) Explain in a sentence. Q2. Evaluate a polynomial 4 + 3x + 2x 2 + x 3 at w 4 , w 4 2 , w 4 3 , and w 4 4 , four complex roots of the equation x 4 =1, using recursive FFT algorithm. Show the recurrence tree and your steps. How many steps (complexity) are there in your computation? [20 pts]...
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