Test3key - No negotiation on grading now I am unavailable...

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No negotiation on grading now. I am unavailable for the rest of the semester. If you really need to see your paper check with me early next semester. I will keep all the final papers. Have a good break! CSE5211/4081 Analysis of Algorithms Fall 2010 Test 3 ( Six Questions, answer double sided ) Points Grad 65/ UG 60 Key below. Q1. LUP decomposition: 1a (Grad 6, UG 10): decompose the matrix [row1, row2, row3] [4 -5 6 , 8 -6 7 , 12 -7 12] (Text exc 28.1-2) 1b (Grad only, 4): Solve the corresponding equations from your decomposed LU matrices . Consider right hand side b=[0, 0, 0] Looking for pivoting. Rest are updating row-cols. Corner elements by A’-vw^T/a11 1b. Right hand causes trivial solutions, e.g., 0,0,0. Almost any answer is accepted as long as it is attempted. Even though the solution is trivial, the process of solving using first L and then U is important. Always draw the corresponding graph before starting to answer. Q2 (G, UG 10). Draw a undirected G=( V={a, b, c, d, e}, E={((a,b), (b,c), (b,e), (b, d), (c,e), (c,d) }. Find the articulation point in the graph using the respective DFS-based algorithm. Show the steps of your computation (the DFS tree with appropriate node numberings, etc.) DFS pre-ordering number. Then, “low” numbering, and using the condition to detect obvious articulation pt node
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Test3key - No negotiation on grading now I am unavailable...

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