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Chapter 1: Setubal-Meidanis Basic Concepts of Molecular Biology (Michael Smith) Proteins Comprise of amino acids, of which there are 20 different types Gives digital impression of all life forms Technically comprise of amino acid residues, or simply residues, which are amino acids minus a water molecule Residues form peptide bonds (C atom of amino acid A i bonds with N atom of amino acid A i+1 Proteins are peptide bonds and form a polypeptide chain Nucleic Acids RNA : ribonucleic acid DNA : deoxyribonucleic acid. Has a sugar backbone attached to a phosphate residue. Is a double helix structure with two complementary chains. Comprises of four different types of bases, A (adenine), T (thymine), C (cytosine), G (guanine) RNA : much like DNA but has U (uracil) instead of T, among other structural differences Chromosome DNA molecule Gene Protein encoding sequence along DNA Triplets of nucleotides (codon) specify each amino acid There exists redundancy with different codons specifying the same amino acid, for example AAG or AAA specify lysine Assignment – find genetic code in tabular form Computational problems Finding start and stop sequences in DNA, RNA Gene finding Map of DNA to protein amino acid DNA correspondence to protein Finding protein encoding part of a gene – intron Gene expression Prediction of RNA structure Protein folding problem – secondary (topology), tertiary (3-dimensional) Protein family classification
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Jan 15, 2003 Central Dogma of Biology – figure 1.9, page 12 Transcription Promotor : recognition of gene/gene cluster. Lies ‘ahead’ of a gene Assignment – find examples of promoter AUG is a start condon : translates to methionine/MET/M amino acid Assignment – are there any more start condons
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Ch1MsmithNote - Chapter 1 Setubal-Meidanis Basic Concepts...

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