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Project: Computational Molecular Biology CSE 5400/4510 Spring 2003 Select a protein P1 that has some gene regulatory function on your favorite genome. Check out the gene G1 that it regulates. Describe the gene's nucleotide sequence, location on the genome, near by genes, and any other details you could find about it. Determine the protein P2 that this gene produces. Describe as much properties of P1 and P2 as you can acquire, e.g., their sequence, structure, classifications, functionalities,
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Unformatted text preview: etc. If it is feasible, then extend the project recursively to a chain of gene expression, i.e., if P2 happens to regulate another gene G2, and G2 produces P3, and so on As a phase one of the project I want you to make a proposal on how you would go about doing it. The databases you would look for a regulatory protein P1, how would you search for G1 and so on. A short report will be due on March 20, Wednesday in class....
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