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hw4 - (b Compare the algorithms using enron2 i plot...

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CSE 5800 Mining/Learning and the Internet—HW4 Due Nov 16, Wed, 6:30pm Submit Server: course=cse5800 , project=hw4 1. Implement BridgeCut with four versions: (a) edge with the highest Bridging Centrality ( C Br ( e ) in the paper) (b) vertex with the highest Bridging Centrality ( C Br ( v )) (c) edge with the highest Betweenness (Φ( e )) (d) vertex with the highest Betweenness (Φ( v )) 2. Allow this parameter: (a) density threshold (densityThreshold in the paper) 3. Measure performance using: (a) Davies-Bouldin index (b) Silhouette Coefficient (handout) 4. Use three groups of data sets: (a) toy data sets on the course web site (b) real data sets on the course web site (c) your own data set 5. Disscuss in a report (in pdf): (a) Sensitivity analysis of parameters using enron2.txt: i. vary density threshold ii. calculate each performance measurement, iii. plot performance vs. density threshold iv. discuss the value for density threshold that seems to achieve the highest performance.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Compare the algorithms using enron2.txt: i. plot performance vs. density threshold for different algorithms ii. plot clustering coefficient vs. number of nodes deleted (up to top 10%) for different algorithms [Figure 5b in the paper] iii. discuss the relative performance of different algorithms 6. Implementation: (a) use one of these programming languages: C, C++, Java, or LISP. (b) input file: a file for vertices and edges (c) two modules: i. BridgeCut: input graph; output: • top edge/vertex when it is removed • for each cluster, output vertices in the cluster ii. Evaluate: input vertices and cluster membership; output performance 7. Submission: (a) source code (b) your data set (c) report in pdf (d) README.txt (how to compile and run your program on code.fit.edu)...
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