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paper - CSE 5800 Term Paper/Project Due Nov 9 Wed 6:30pm...

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CSE 5800: Term Paper/Project Due Nov 9, Wed, 6:30pm; Submit Server: course=cse5800 , project=plan , pdf file Due Dec 7, Wed, 6:30pm; Submit Server: course=cse5800 , project=paper , pdf, source, readme, data The term paper is based on a mini-research project. The goal is trying to improve one of the learning/mining algorithms you have studied. You may also devise new algorithms. Empirically, you will compare your proposed improvement with: 1. the original algorithm in homework assignment 2. a proposed improvement in a research paper (journal or conference) Resources for research papers are on the course web site. A. Plan (10 points) [Due Nov 9, Wed; pdf file] At least one page, ACM format templates: http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates. Ig- nore “Categories and Subject Descriptors,” “General Terms,” and “Keywords.” 1. Introduction: motivation and problem statement 2. Related work: compare/contrast existing approaches and discuss limitations 3. Approach: your initial idea 4. Evaluation: data (at least two sets) and criteria
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