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Unformatted text preview: CSE 4510/5241 HW1 Due 5pm, Feb 4, 2009 Submit server: course=dc, project=hw1 Design and implement a server (esftpd), a client (es- ftp), and the protocol for ESFTP (Extremely Simple File Transfer Protocol) that allows files to be transferred be- tween the client and the server. The client allows the following commands: • get filename (fetching a file from the server) • put filename (depositing a file at the server) • quit You may assume the server can only serve one client at a time. Your implementation should display whether a file is transferred successfully and handle errors (for example, host not found/reachable, port is being used, file not found, not all bytes were successfully transferred...) gracefully. For the various stages of your server and client, print messages to the console to show what they are doing. Since in real life, files are arbitrarily long, you can’t (and don’t want to) setup a buffer large enough to hold a file. Set your buffer size to be some small number ofa file....
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