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Unformatted text preview: CSE 4510/5241 HW2 Submit server: course=dc, project=hw2 Due 5pm, Feb 25, 2009 Design and implement a peer (estalk), a daemon (estalkd), and the protocol for ESTALK (Extremely Sim- ple Talk) that allows two peers to interactively exchange messages. The daemon serves as the middle-person for setting up the two peers and is NOT needed after the estalk peers are ready to communicate directly with each other. The user commands have these formats: estalk <user>@<host> <local-user> <estalkd-port> estalkd <estalkd-port> The estalk peer program could initiate a talk session or respond to one. The initiator contacts the remote estalk daemon, supplies information about itself to the daemon, and waits for the responder to reply. The re- sponder is started by the user after the user is notified by the local daemon; it then gets information from the lo- cal daemon about the initiator and starts communicating with the initiator....
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