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hw3 - CSE 4510/5241 HW3 Submit server course=dc project=hw3...

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CSE 4510/5241 HW3 Submit server: course=dc, project=hw3 Due 5pm, Mar 18, 2009 The objective is to design and implement (un)marshalling objects that have pointers using an IDL. The properties are: 1. An object that is pointed by multiple objects should NOT be marshalled more than once. 2. The number of objects and the “pointer structure” among objects remains the SAME on both hosts. The IDL complier compiles the IDL file into the class definition and stub files. The library has class-definition- independent methods and additional data structures for (un)marshalling. The class defintion, stub, and library are compiled and linked with the user source. Your imple- mentation marshalls, transmits, and unmarshalls a linked list. 1. each node has: name, age, city 2. data: www.cs.fit.edu/ ~ pkc/classes/dc/hw3data.txt Your design should be flexible to handle different field names, field orderings, numbers of fields (only int and string “basic” types), and different values in the objects.
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