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hw4 - CSE 4510/5241 HW4 Submit server course=dc project=hw4...

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CSE 4510/5241 HW4 Submit server: course=dc, project=hw4 Due 5pm, April 8, 2009 Design and implement ESRPC (Extremely Simple Re- mote Procedure Call). The sample program is a simple banking application. The client can add account, deposit money to an account, get balance, (get an account, and get all accounts). Your design and implementation should be flexible for different order of remote methods, names of remote methods, and return/parameter types of remote methods. --- Branch.idl --- interface Branch void addAccount(string name) void deposit(string name, float amount) float getBalance(string name) Account getAccount(string name) // CSE 5241 Account[] getAllAccounts() // CSE 5241 --- Account.idl --- class Account string name float balance --- Branch.c/java generated by the IDL compiler --- // definition of proxy for Branch --- BranchDispatcher.c/java generated by the IDL compiler --- // definition of dispatcher for Branch --- CSE 5241: AccountStub.c/java generated by the IDL compiler --- // definition of (un)marashalling Account and Account[] --- Esrpc.c/java: application-independent library ---
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