Psyc317 Lec 9 Notes

Psyc317 Lec 9 Notes - Psyc 317: Lec 9 Notes: Psychologizing...

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Unformatted text preview: Psyc 317: Lec 9 Notes: Psychologizing 03/10/2007 12:15:00 Behavior is evaluated in light of intentions Beliefs/thoughts are separate from and perhaps more valued than emotions. The false-belief test Sally places a marble in a box, leaves room, friends move marble to different basket, Sally returns Depends on representations of the world Dissonance between where the marble is, and where they think it is 3-year-olds would come back and look in the box look and analyze peoples behavior o model of the mind o culture will have strong affect on how people understand other peoples minds Where does our theory of Mind come from? A) from theories children build based on their experiences o If the experiences are different, then theories are too B) from our genes o People have constantly been challenged by identifying the intentions of other people (differentiating friends and foes) o here is what I would have done if I had been faced with this problem in designing homo sapiens. I would have made knowledge of commonsense Homo sapiens psychology innate, that way nobody would have to spend time learning it. the empirical evidence that god did it the way I would have isnt, in fact, unimpressive. (Fodor, 1987, p. 132) o crucial capacity to understand others minds, Fodor thinks ability should be there in the beginning Deviations from the western model No attempt to explain behavior via personal dispositions...
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Psyc317 Lec 9 Notes - Psyc 317: Lec 9 Notes: Psychologizing...

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