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hw2 - CSE 4301/5290 Homework 2 Due Oct 5 Wed 5pm Submit...

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CSE 4301/5290 Homework 2 Due: Oct 5, Wed, 5pm; Submit Server: course = ai , project = hw2 1. Q3.6b, p113, 3e; Q3.7b, p90, 2e. Define states with a set of variables and their values. Also, explain and de- rive/simplify the number of possible states. 2. Explain and derive/simplify (closed-form solution and not big-O) the number of *generated* nodes in breadth-first search in the (a) worst-case and (b) best-case scenarios. b is the branching factor and d is the depth of the optimal solution (with a constant step cost of 1). 3. For this water jug problem (simplified from Q3.6d, p114, 3e; Q3.7d, p90, 2e): There are two jugs, one can hold 3 and the other 5 gallons of water. Actions that can be performed with the jugs are: they can be filled from the faucet, emptied to the drain, and poured from one to the other until either the receiving jug is full or the pouring jug is empty. Devise a sequence of actions that will produce 4 gallons of water in the larger jug. Only integer values of water are used. (a) Explain and derive the number of possible states.
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