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CSE 4301/5290 Homework 4 Due: November 16, Wed, 5pm; Submit Server: course = ai , project = hw4 1. Q7.10, p 281, 3Ed; Q7.8, p237, 2Ed. For 3Ed, add part g: ( Big Dumb ) ∨¬ Dumb 2. In proof by contradiction (using the resolution inference rule), when KB ∧¬ α is unsatisfiable , we know α is true. What do we know about α when KB ∧¬ α is satisfiable ? When can we know that α is false? Explain your answers. 3. Prove that: (a) ( a b ) ( ¬ b c ) entails a c [correct “resolution”] (b) ( a b c ) ( ¬ b ∨ ¬ c d ) does not entail a d . [incorrect “resolution”] 4. Q7.2, p280, 3Ed; Q7.9, p238, 2Ed: Write sentences in propositional logic, translate them into clauses, use res- olution to infer answers for the three queries. 5. Programming (LISP, C, C++, Java): Given clauses (CNF) in propositional logic, use resolution with at least two strategies to gain speed [described in the comments] to solve two problems: (a) Wumpus (p247, 3Ed; p208, 2Ed): The initial KB
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