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ECE 3222 Signals & Systems -Syllabus

ECE 3222 Signals & Systems -Syllabus - systems...

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ECE 3222 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS CRN 53231 Introduces Signal & Systems. Covers continuous-time and discrete-time signals, their representations and properties. The systems that process those signals are presented specifically linear- time-invariant continuous and discrete time systems. Real systems is clearly distinguished from its model. Techniques needed to perform modeling of such systems are also covered: Fourier series and transforms for continuous-time signals, and Z transform and the discrete Fourier transform for discrete time signals and
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Unformatted text preview: systems. MATLAB is utilized extensively to provide examples of various topics. Prerequisites: Complex Algebra, Circuits. (3 credits). Instructor: Dr. Veton Këpuska Contact Info: Olin Engineering Building, Office # 353 Tel. (321) 674-7183 E-mail: [email protected] http://my.fit.edu/~vkepuska/ece3222 Textbook(s): "Signal, Systems, and Transforms", Fourth Edition Phillips, Parr, and Riskin Prentice Hall, 2008 Class Notes: http://my.fit.edu/~vkepuska/ece3 222 Grading Policy (Subject to Change): Test(s): 50% Homework(s): 30% Projects(s): 20%...
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ECE 3222 Signals & Systems -Syllabus - systems...

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