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Final Project Presentation

Final Project Presentation - ECE 2552 Software Hardware...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 2552: Software / Hardware Integration Professor: Dr. V. Kpuska Final Project Presentation Automating Microsoft PowerPoint through C++ A.K.A. Project Hope Project Hope: Team Members Eric Falcone Start, Close, First Slide, Last Slide Implementation, Next Slide, Previous Matt Hopkins Marinelli G.U.I. Slide Patrick Code Clean-Up, Debugging, Open and Run Functions Objectives: Gain further knowledge in the field of C++ Gain basic knowledge of G.U.I. development Create an application to automate through Microsoft Powerpoint Further develop our debugging skills G.U.I. Button Description: Start Opens PowerPoint Run Runs Slideshow Next Slide Previous Slide First Slide Last Slide Close Closes the Slideshow Open Opens Slideshow file Function Linked Buttons: void CHopeDlg::OnButton1() Presentation = app.GetActivePresentation(); SlideShowWindow = Presentation.GetSlideShowWindow(); View = SlideShowWindow.GetView(); View.Next(); { } Format used for First, Last, Next, Previous Slide Buttons Open Function Button void CHopeDlg::OnButton8() static char BASED_CODE szFilter = "PowerPoint Files\n\ (*.ppt)|*.ppt||"; CFileDialog FileDlg(TRUE,"PPT",NULL, OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST| OFN_NONETWORKBUTTON| OFN_PATHMUSTEXIST,szFilter); FileDlg.DoModal(); //To get the selected file's path and name CString strFileName; strFileName = FileDlg.GetPathName(); if(!strFileName.IsEmpty()) { Presentations = app.GetPresentations(); Presentation = Presentations.Open(strFileName,0,0,1); } { } Close and Start Buttons void CHopeDlg::OnButton5() // Start PowerPoint and get Application object... if(!app.CreateDispatch("Powerpoint.Application")) { AfxMessageBox("Couldn't start PowerPoint."); } else // Make PowerPoint visible and display a message { app.SetVisible(TRUE); TRACE("PowerPoint is Running!"); } { } void CHopeDlg::OnButton7() if (CanExit()) app.Quit(); } { Run Button void CHopeDlg::OnButton9() Presentations = app.GetActivePresentation(); slides = Presentation.GetSlides(); // Show the first slide of the presentation slide = slides.Item(COleVariant((long)1)); //Run the show slideshow = Presentation.GetSlideShowSettings(); slideshow.Run(); { } Encountered Errors Type re-definition errors in constant error Crashing: Stop using Matt's Laptop. Solution: Remove repeated header files inclusions. Add "\n\" to the end of the designated line. Newline Solution: Program Solution: Theory: The office file was corrupted while implementing it into C++. Encountered Errors cont. Class Call Errors: Solution: Check ClassView to make sure class's were in correct constructors. Existing Problems: G.U.I. program only runs one PowerPoint presentation at a time. Close Function only closes once. Then produces an error. Executing the Buttons, Start, Close, then Start crashes the G.U.I. Things We Would Have Liked to Include A number specific Next Slide button G.U.I. That stay's on top of all the screens End of Presentation Booyakasha! ...
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