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Equipment used dspbf533 ezkit lite blackfin

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Unformatted text preview: EZKIT Lite Blackfin VisualDSP++5.0 MATLAB SPEAKERS Filter Button Commands Pf8 First press implements Low Pass Filter with 750Hz cutoff, LED 5 illuminates Second press switches to Low Pass Filter with 1250Hz cutoff, LED 6 Illuminates Third press Removes Low Pass Filter, No Low Pass Filter LED Indicator First press implements High Pass Filter with 1750Hz cutoff, LED 8 Illuminates Second press Switches to High Pass Filter with 2250Hz cutoff, LED 7 Illuminates Third press Removes High Pass Filter, No High Pass LED Indicator First press Turns ON "equalizer", LED's 4 and 9 Illuminate Second press Turns OFF "equalizer", No LED's Illuminate Pf9 Pf10 LED Audio Indicators LED4 and LED9 Indicate Equalizer is On LED 5 Indicates Low Pass Filter 1 Selected LED 6 Indicates Low Pass Filter 2 Selected LED 8 Indicates High Pass Filter 1 Selected LED 7 Indicates High Pass Filter 2 Selected Results I was able to achieve the effect I was aiming for with all four of my filters. Unfortunately the speakers are not capable o...
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