UART-Accronyms - OE- Overrun Error PE- Parity Error FE-...

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Registers: UART_LCR - Line Control Register UART_DLH & UART_DLL - Divisor Latch Registers: UART_THR - Transmit Holding Register UART_TSR - Transmit Shift Register UART_RBR - Receive Buffer Register UART_RSR - Receive Shift Register UART_IER - Interrupt Enable Register UART_MCR - Modem Control Register UART_SCR - Scratch Register UART_GCTL - Global Control Register Bit/Flags BI - The Break Interrupt
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Unformatted text preview: OE- Overrun Error PE- Parity Error FE- Framing Error DR- The Data Ready bit THRE- Transmit Holding Register Enable bit TEMT- Transmit shift and holding register Empty bit DLAB- Data Latch Access bit ERBFI- Enable Read Buffer Full Interrupt ETBEI- Enable Transmit Buffer Empty Interrupt ENSI- Enable Rx Status Interrupt UCEN- Enable UART Clocks...
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