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CIS150-Syllabus-Su09.dlf - CIS 150 Introduction to Computer...

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CIS 150 – Introduction to Computer Applications University of South Alabama Summer, 2009 Instructor: David Feinstein Office: FCE 4 Office Hours:M-F 12:00 – 1:00 or by appointment Phone: (251)460-6693 (emergency only (251)599-3815) E-Mail Address: [email protected] Lab Instructor: Brian Wright E-mail Address: [email protected] Required Text: Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Volume 1 by Robert T. Grauer with Michelle Hulett, Cynthia Krebs, Maurie Wigman Lockley, Keith Mulbery, and Judy Scheeren, Prentice Hall Publishing 2007. Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Getting Started with the Online Experience by Robert Grauer and Bob McCloud, Prentice Hall Publishing 2007. It is highly recommended that you purchase the NEW textbook package from the USA Bookstore. This package will come with the textbook and the required training and testing software (with access code). If these items are purchased separately, as is the case when you purchase a used textbook, it may end up costing you significantly more money than purchasing the new package. You are required to have a NEW MyITLab Software Package and PIN code as packaged in your textbook purchase. If you do not have a NEW and UNOPENED software package and PIN code you must purchase one from the bookstore. Required Materials: Students are required to have a USB memory stick for keeping up with you lab files. The CSCB 115/130 lab computers include USB drives and CD burners. You must bring your memory stick with you to every lab class. Some instructors may require CDs for submitting work. Course Description: The USA Bulletin describes: This course is designed to provide a broad based introduction to the use of computers to enhance personal productivity. Topics to be covered are use of a graphical user interface, word processing, spreadsheet analysis, basic image management related to documents and reports and the fundamentals of Internet publishing. Course Goals and Objectives: At the conclusion of the semester, the students should be able to: 1) Identify and use the various components of the windows desktop 2) Identify and use the components of a window 3) Distinguish between folders and documents, and understand how each functions 4) Explain the basic concepts of Word Processing 5) Perform basic text editing and formatting in a document 6) Include clip-art, images, tables, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and other advanced formatting in a document 7) Define common spreadsheet terminology 8) Create basic Excel worksheets, both from a blank screen and from a template 9) Properly use and create Excel function and formulas to perform calculations within the spreadsheet
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10) Build various Excel charts and graphs for inclusion in a spreadsheet 11) Develop an understanding of the Internet 12) Locate topic specific information on the Internet Approximate Timetable of Events: Short Term: Week 1: PC Components and Concepts, Introduction to Windows, Common Elements and Internet Concepts Week 2: Internet Concepts,
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CIS150-Syllabus-Su09.dlf - CIS 150 Introduction to Computer...

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