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CIS 150 – Introduction to Computer Applications Assignment 1 – Summer, 2009 Due Date: Friday June 12, 2009 This assignment is designed to show your skills using the MS/Word word processing program and also your ability to find information on the Internet. You are to write a 3-page research paper (plus title page and Works Cited) about how computers have affected your area of study (Nursing, Education, Biology, etc). You are to research your selected topic on the Internet, finding at least 5 reliable sources of information to use in your paper. You are to select a topic that you can research using the WWW such as “Robotic Surgery”, “Educational Tools to Help Teach Reading Skills”. This paper shouldn’t be about how you use the WWW to do research, such as “How I Planned My Vacation”. Topics must be narrow enough for a 3-page paper. General topics such as “Computers in Education” or “Computers in Medicine” are too board. Select one specific area to write about. The paper must be created as ONE Word document. This project must be created in Word 2007. The following MUST be included in your paper: 1) Cover Page using one of the built-in formats (in additional to 3 pages of text ) with Title, Author’s Name, Instructor’s Name, Class, Section Number, and Due Date 2) Three (3) full pages of double spaced text. Use Arial font, 12 point size, with .75 inch side margins and 1.25 margins top and bottom. Correct Spelling and Grammar are important. Points will be deducted for using graphics, pictures, images, tables, etc. to fill the pages and
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Word_Project_Su09 - CIS 150 Introduction to Computer...

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