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CIS 250 Lab Assignments Integrated Project Assignments Spring, 2009 In lab rooms CSCB 115 and 130, student data files can be found on each computer’s hard drive. They are located in S:Shared Samba Server/ Student Data Files/exp_access_vol1_sdf. Please copy these files to your storage device and work from there. When working from home, the files can be downloaded from under Student Resources or on the Student Resources CD that came with the textbook. Assignment Notes Location Due Date Review Exercises The following exercises are available if you need to review your Word and Excel skills. MyITLab – Word Chapters 1 -- 4 Optional MyITLab – Excel Chapters 1 - 4 Optional Access Chap 2 - Mid-Level Exercise 2 Turn in file: chap2_mid2_memrewards_solution.accdb To: Access/Chapter 2/MidLevel Exercise DropBox Textbook –
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Unformatted text preview: pages 671-672 April 9 Project Work Location information using Internet. Build worksheets in Excel. MyITLab – Access – Chapter 6 Exercise 2 & 3 PH Website April 16 Working with Forms Lab Distributed by Instructor April 16 Creating Menus Lab Turn in file: chap2_pe3_insurance_solution.accdb To: Access/Chapter 6/Chapter 6 Exercises DropBox Distributed by Instructor April 16 Project Work Import data into Access. Build needed table(s). Generate forms. MyITLab – Word Chapter 5 PH Website April 23 Mail Merge Turn in file: YourLastName_IntegratedProject_Labels To: Word/Chapter 5/Chapter 5 Exercises DropBox Distributed by Instructor April 23 Project Work Generate Mail Merge Letters Project Work Create PowerPoint Presentation Integrated Project Turned in to: Access/Integrated Project DropBox April 30 Final Exam 10:30-11:30am May 5...
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