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Data_Protection_Lab - Data Protection Lab CIS 250 Access...

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Data Protection Lab CIS 250 – Access You are an intern assigned to the Dean of Students’ Office and spend most of your time scheduling and planning the National Conference. Others in the office also work on the conference, but you find that sometimes they omit needed information or make errors that you must find and fix. For example, some people in the office enter phone numbers as (910) 555-1101, while others enter them as 910-555-1101. Some people skip the phone number field completely. You decide to add some verification and requirement properties to the database to help protect the data. a. Copy the partially completed file chap6_pe1_natconf.accdb (download from www.prenhall.com/exploring - Student Resources - Access Vol. 2 1/e). Rename it to chap6_pe1_natconf_solution. Double-click the file name to open it. Click Options on the Security Warning toolbar, click Enable this content in the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box, and click OK .
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