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CIS 250 – Integrated Project Spring, 2009 In many cases, no one specific application can be used to perform all of the tasks for a given project. This project is to show how the various applications that you have worked with in CIS 150 and 250 can be combined to solve a more complex situation. Scenario: You have been hired by a travel agency to put together a group of trips for local college students to take together. You are to search the www and find trips to include in your list of opportunities. These trips can fall into 2 categories: trips that have already been planned that you may join in (examples the University Recreation Department or Carnival Cruise Line) or trips that you plan yourself to local sites (for example USS Alabama Battleship Park – find the price, set a date and time). Since you don’t know what the students will like, include a variety of trips in your plans. An example to use for the layout of this worksheet can be found on page 3. Find or create at least 15 trips in your worksheet. Name the worksheet “Trips” and the workbook “YourLastName_IP_Workbook_Sp09”. Once you have found or created trips for the students to go on, you need to create a PowerPoint presentation to be shown to the students informing them about the trips. Prepare a presentation which includes one slide for each trip. The slides should give a break-down of the costs associated with the trip. Use pictures off of the websites to ‘spice up’ the slides. Save your presentation as “YourLastName_IP_TripsPresentation_Sp09”. When giving this type of presentation, you will ask interested students to provide you with their
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Integrate_Project_Sp09 - CIS 250 Integrated Project Spring...

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