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CIS 250 – Integrated Project Helpful Hints Creating the Integrated Project can be a complex task. DON’T wait until the week it is due to begin the process. DON’T think you will be able to complete it by only working during your lab time. DO start early and make a backup often. Here are some guidelines and helpful thoughts to make the development of the project flow more smoothly. This can be used as a ‘check list’ to determine the order of events that need to be completed. Research first: (Internet) Check out the format for the “Trips” worksheet in Excel (page 3 of the project) and see what information you need to collect when you find a trip to include. When looking for trips, check out the University website. The Recreation Center holds several trips each semester. You can include Spring Break trips that campus organizations are sponsoring too. For the ‘plan your own’ trips, think about activities that can be found in our own area; Bellingrath Gardens, deep sea fishing, air boat rides from the causeway. Be creative and have fun. Record the information: (Excel) Enter the information you find into the “Trips” worksheet. PowerPoint ‘Sales Job’: (PowerPoint) Create a presentation that would be something that you would present to a group of students that are thinking about going on a trip, but don’t know which one. You are to ‘inform’ them about the various trips available. Student Data: (Excel)
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Integrated_Project-Helpful_Hints_Sp09 - CIS 250 Integrated...

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