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CIS 250 Integrated Project Schedule Week 11: Pass out Project – Go over concept in general concept of the project. Lecture Topic: Evaluating Web Pages (Evaluating Website Notes) Project Progress: Begin project; search WWW for volunteer opportunities; select appropriate sites; create Excel worksheets. Week 12: Lecture Topic: Database design and development (Database Design and Development Notes) Importing data from other applications (Access Chapter 2 – in more detail) Lab Work: Access Chapter 2 Mid-level exercises 2 (pages 671 – 673) Project Progress: Design and build database by importing worksheets in tables and generating additional table and relationships. Week 13: Lecture Topic: Forms and Menus; Data validation (vol 2 - Access chapter 6; Forms and Menus
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Unformatted text preview: Notes) Lab Work: MyITLab – Access Chapter 6 Exercises 2 & 3. Complete the 2 exercises: Working with Forms and Menus. Project Progress: Create forms and menus. Week 14: Lecture Topic: Mail Merge (vol 2 – Word chapter 5 – (pp 18 – 23)) Lab Work: MyITLab – Word Chapter 5 Exercises; Mail Merge Lab Project Progress: Generate queries and reports. Week 15: (Thanksgiving Week) Lecture Topic: Handle questions about the PowerPoint presentation and other Project elements. Project Progress: Create PPT presentation Week 16: (Last 2 days of classes) Lecture Topic: Review for final exam. Project Progress: Due Date....
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