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CIS 250 Review Notes for Exam 3 WWW Definitions: Internet, WWW, HTML Components needed to connect to the Internet (modem, ISP, Internet account, browser, client, server) Addressing (IP addressing, Domain names, URLs) – definitions, explain parts, etc Web Page Development Good web page design concepts Web site components (server, client, browser; sites vs. pages) – definitions, distinguish between, etc. HTML tags – basic concepts presented in lecture FrontPage 2003 Definitions (home page; template, theme, etc) Views – purpose, use How to create sites and pages; templates; basic operations; publishing
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Unformatted text preview: • Importing text, adding objects such as clipart and photos; manipulating images (thumbnails); themes • Components required for your web pages – definitions as well as operations: o Bookmarks o Marquee o Included Content components o Hyperlinks - types, definitions, how to create o Page transitions o Buttons Exam format: • Performance-based questions • Multiple-choice • Discussion questions Performance-based questions require you to illustrate you know how to demonstrate various actions in the applications covered. The final exam is NOT comprehensive....
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