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Additional Project Pointers/Info for your Database Project Read these steps BEFORE starting your project! 1. Don’t jump in and immediately start populating your tables with data. (Note: you should be through at least the chapter 2 hands-on labs before attempting any part of this project.) The easiest approach is the following: a. Construct your tables. Remember to include the correct field property info as listed. b. Build your data entry forms. When constructing your lookup boxes, be sure to display meaningful information to the user (i.e. Customer Name and not CustomerID) but store the correct value for the foreign key information. c. Create your relationships. d. Input your data via your forms. This allows you to utilize your foreign key lookup boxes for fields such as Speaker information. The benefits of this method are reduced data entry and more reliable data integrity. It will be easier if you input data your data for your Speaker table then your other table info. Additional note
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