DB_project_Su07 - Database Project CIS 250 Summer, 2007 Due...

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Database Project CIS 250 – Summer, 2007 Due Date: You have been retained as a consultant to design a database for a local health and fitness club. The database is to track the classes that are offered, the customers that register to attend, and the classes that they register for. You must use the attached dataset and this database design for your project. Reminder : This is an individual project assignment. There is to be ABSOLUTELY no file sharing in any form for this assignment. The misconduct policy will be STRICKLY enforced! Requirements for this database: 1) Tables are to be constructed as follows: a. CLASSES 1. ClassID – primary key, text, field size 5 2. ClassName – text, field size 25 3. HourlyPrice – currency 4. Level – text, field size 15, use lookup to build list (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) b. CUSTOMERS 1. CustomerID – primary key, autonumber 2. FirstName – text, field size 25 3. LastName – text, field size 25 4. Address – text, field size 50 5. City – text, field size 25 6. State – text, field size 2; force uppercase 7. ZipCode – text, field size 15; use zip code input mask 8. PhoneNumber – text field size 15; use proper phone input mask 9. Member – yes/no value 10. EmailAddress – text, field size 50 c. REGISTRATION 1. RegID – primary key, autonumber 2. CustomerID – number, foreign key 3. ClassID – text, field size 5, foreign key 4. Hours – numeric 5. PaymentAmount - currency 6. RegDate – date/time; use short date format 2) In addition to the information in the attached dataset, enter a CUSTOMERS record containing your personal information. 3) Referential Integrity must be enforced between relationships (foreign keys to primary keys). Data entry for foreign key information for CustomerID must be constrained by combo box on data entry forms. The CUSTOMER last name must be displayed on the form – not the CustomerID. (Note: display both last name and first name in the drop-down list box.) 4) Create a lookup list for the Level field in the CLASSES table; this should be displayed on the form as a drop-down list box. 5)
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DB_project_Su07 - Database Project CIS 250 Summer, 2007 Due...

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