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FrontPage Hands-On Lab 2 1. Create an empty web site using a template. a. Select File | New b. Click on ‘More Web site templates…’ under New Web Site in the Task pane c. Select Empty Web Site on the General tab on the Web Site Templates window d. Specify the location of the new web under Options – ex. a:\ YourInitals_fplab2 . (Remember you will need to save the web to a local directory or to your floppy disk - not to any of the shared network drives). Do not set the location through the Browse button. e. Click OK. 2. Create a new page a. Click on the New Page icon in the upper left corner to create the first page. b. The Layout Tables and Cells task pane should be displayed. If it isn’t, select View | Task Pane. c. Select the Corner, Header, Left, and Body table layout. 3. In the body section, add some text about yourself. This should be general info welcoming users to your site as it will be your Home page. Use the example below for your first page. The text shown ‘Personal Interests’ and ‘Employment’ as well as the lines under Special Links will be hyperlinks which will be created later. You will also insert the date and graphic later. Use the bulleted list where applicable below. Welcome to Jane Doe’s home page I am a Junior at the University of South Alabama majoring in Business  Administration.  Personal Interests Employment   Special Links: University of South Alabama CNN Home Page Instructor’s e-mail    Date this page was last updated:    Back to Top
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4. Apply a Theme a. Choose Format | Theme to open the Themes dialog box. b. Select Blends in the themes list (if not available, select another theme). c. Click OK to apply the theme. 5. Save the page and change the title a. Click File | Save As b. Click Change title and enter “{ My Name’s} Home Page” (Note: insert your name) c. Click OK d. Name the page index.htm e. Click Save 6. Creating External Hyperlinks and Mailto links a. Highlight University of South Alabama and select Insert | Hyperlink on the menu bar
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FrontPage_Hands-on_2 - FrontPage Hands-On Lab 2 1. Create...

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