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Lab1_student_selfregis - Now click “Register” If you...

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Student Self-Registration Procedure There are two items that you will need to register: The 16 digit access code/pin code found in the booklet you have been provided. The Course ID provided by the instructor: ___________________ If setting up your ID in the CSCB lab, use the Train&Assess IT icon on the desktop. You will see the “Sign In” screen shown here. Click “ New User” to sign in as a new student self-registering for the exam. You will now see a “New User Registration” screen (see screen on next page). Fill in all fields, creating your own User ID and Password. You will need to fill in the Course ID code provided above and the PIN code found in the booklet you received. Click here to register as a new user
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Click on “Next” at the bottom of the page to proceed. The next screen displays the user name you entered and the group you joined. Be sure to write down the UserID and password you have selected.
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Unformatted text preview: Now click “Register”. If you get the Internet Security warning, make sure you click on OK to successfully complete the registration process. Following the above security message, you will next see a Security Alert warning message. You must click on YES to successfully complete the registration process; otherwise the student PIN Code will be invalidated and will not register the student account in the system. Once you have successfully logged in you will see a screen with a Student Menu. Click “ Signout” to log out of the system. Now follow the procedures to log in to the system using the new UserID you have created through the PHIT icon. *** Note: labs should be completed by using the Train&Assess IT icon and not through the web URL. Enter the 6 word access code found in the packet here You MUST click on this box and agree with the License Agreement to continue registration....
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