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Assignment Sheet for PowerPoint Unit TAIT = Prentice Hall Train&Assess IT system; may be completed at home if you have Internet access and install the Macromedia plug-in. I will run a report and know it has been completed. Hands-on tasks are found in your text and must be submitted on floppy disk, unless otherwise directed. All hands-on tasks that require publisher’s files can be found on the lab SYS share drive in the APPS2/SFILES/Exploring PowerPoint folders . You must copy these files to your floppy disk before beginning each lab. Do This Then Hand in This By This Date Set up new Train & Assess IT (TAIT) PIN Code if needed N/A By end of first lab meeting Complete TAIT Review Lab (optional) N/A N/A Homework: Read Chapter 1: Introduction to PowerPoint in text N/A N/A Complete TAIT PowerPoint Lab N/A N/A Complete ch 1 hands-on exercise 1 in text. Note: skip step 1; only do step 2 if working from home; in step 3, follow the instructions above to locate the lab file.
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Unformatted text preview: You do not need to print the presentation. Introduction to PowerPoint.ppt Complete ch 1 hands-on ex 2 My First Presentation.ppt Complete ch 1 hands-on ex 3 modified My First Presentation.ppt Complete ch 1 hands-on ex 4. Note: Copy the Software Sales.xls file to your floppy at the beginning of step 4 Enhancing a Presentation.ppt Complete ch 1 practice ex 4 on page 762; omit step g (printing hardcopy) Chapter 1 Practice 4 Solution – Copyright and the Law.ppt Homework: Read Chapter 2: Gaining Proficiency… in text N/A Complete ch 2 hands-on ex 1; omit printing hardcopy Presentation Hints Solution.ppt Complete ch 2 hands-on ex 2; omit printing hardcopy Extinction of the Dinosaurs.ppt Complete ch 2 hands-on ex 3; omit printing hardcopy My Photo Album.ppt Complete ch 2 hands-on ex 4; omit printing hardcopy Our First Exam.ppt Complete Project 1 – PowerPoint Presentation Lastname_firstname _project1.ppt...
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