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1 THE PERMIAN THE PERMIAN -TRIASSIC TRIASSIC EXTINCTION EXTINCTION By Matt Ajemian Geological Oceanography Dr. Doug Haywick March 26, 2008 A.K.A. P-T Extinction P-Tr Extinction Permo-Triassic Extinction Permian-Triassic Extinction Event End-Permian Mass Extinction The “Great Dying” PART I: The End -Permian Mass Permian Mass Extinction Extinction PART II: The Delayed Recovery Introduction • Extinctions are natural , observed throughout fossil-bearing geological record • “Background extinctions” occur regularly • “Massive extinctions” = extinction of a significant proportion of world’s biota in an insignificant (cannot be resolved in geo record) amount of time 5 major mass extinctions White, 2002 Permian Seas Amnh.org Life in Permian Seas, sweet and dandy! • Attached animals – Rugose/tabulate corals –C r ino ids – Bryozoans – Brachiopods – Trilobites • Mobile animals – Infauna – Echinoids –F
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2 251 my: The Victims • 96% of marine species disappear! – Attached fauna virtually gone – Most mobile taxa lost – Selective extinction of forams (low-O 2 taxa survive) Comsopolitan disaster taxa thrive… Benton and Twitchet , 2003 Low Complexity Commotion outside the ocean 2/3 reptiles and amphibians lost (large herbivores),
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