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CIS 311 DATA COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING SPRING SEMESTER 2007 Instructor: Dr. Gene Simmons FCE 10 Phone: 460-6390 [email protected] Text: Understanding , 3 rd Edition, by William Shay. We will endeavor to cover the first ten chapters of the text in substantial detail and selected topics from the remaining chapters. Prerequisites: Students should have completed CIS 121, Problem Solving and Programming Concepts II, with a grade of C or better. If you have not met this requirement, please see me after class. Course Description: An Introduction to data communications, computer networking, and network operating systems. Topics include: basic concepts of data transmission, network architectures, communications devices, and communications protocols. Course Objectives: This course is intended to provide you with a working knowledge of a broad range of issues related to networks and data communications. The objective of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the concepts involved in data transmission and computer networking. We will examine terminology, signal processing concepts, network examples, transmission fundamentals, encoding techiques, topologies, protocols, et al. It is not a course in actual network installation although the principles covered will aid understanding of this task. Topics to be discussed include:
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