Architecture Review Final 2008

Architecture Review Final 2008 - Architecture Review Final...

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Architecture Review Final 2008 Exam review I will be putting up some additional practice problems today, Monday. Sorry about the delay in getting these up on the share drive. You should know the commonly used representation of floating point numbers Know how control systems are realized: hardwired / microprogram know advantages and disadvantages Know what a gantt chart is. Know issues related to pipelining. Speedup (ideal) Different types of hazards How to minimize (or eliminate) different hazards Know the different cache memory organizations, how blocks are placed under different organizations What are the different policies regarding writing to cache You will have some questions related to calculating performance, such as were on test two There will be no programming problems. Know the components of disk access time Architecture Review notes. You should be able to discuss and answer questions related to the development of the memory hierarchy CSC 320 Practice Problems Assume you have 48 blocks of cache memory. Where would memory block 83 be placed if the cache memory organization were: 1. direct mapped
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2. fully associative 3. 8-way set associative 4. 2-way set associative 5. 4-way set associative Assume you are given memory chips containing 4 k locations with 8 bits per location. Show how you would construct a 128k memory containing 32 bits per word. Using “delayed branching” how would you minimize the control hazard in the following code? Add r1, r2, r3 Sub r4,r2,r3 Bne r2 $zero, somewhere Sub r4, r5, r7 Add r1, r6, r5 Somewhere Example. Calculate the performance of computer A relative to Computer B for a given program: assuming speed of A is 800 MHz B is 500 MHz for the specified program instruction count A 500,000 B 400,000 CPI A 2.2 B 1.8 You should understand Amdahl’s law and how to use it. Problem example.
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Architecture Review Final 2008 - Architecture Review Final...

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