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CSC 320 Spring Semester 2008 Programming Assignment Two Due February 7, 2008 Write a MIPS program which will establish a 15 element array of integers with the following values: 3,6,1,45,87,23,90,33,65,21,12,40,55,82,8 Have your program call a procedure (separate from main), which will traverse this array once, comparing the values of each pair of adjacent elements. If the value of the first element is greater than that of the second element, this procedure swap the values of the two array elements and print a message “Array
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Unformatted text preview: element number XXX having a value of YYY, was swapped with its successor which had a value of ZZZ. At the end of the pass, have the main print: The array was traversed and RR swaps were made on pass XX. Follow the usually procedure WRT materials to be turned in. The purpose of this program is to illustrate the differences in the way that registers and memory locations are handled and to illustrate use of function calls....
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