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Program Assignment Number Four CSC 320 Computer Architecture Spring Semester 2008 Due February 26, 2008 Write a MIPS program which will prompt the user to input a positive integer value which is to be raised to a power. The user should then be prompted to input the power to which the value should be raised. Your program should raise the first value to the power of the second value. Your program must contain: The usual required main function. A separate function to prompt for and input the required values. A separate function to recursively perform the required operation
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Unformatted text preview: A separate function to print the result. The output should be “ X raised to the Y power is Z”. One additional note: You must indicate in your header information which assembler you are using. Also, make the first line of your source code a comment indicating which assembler you are using. A 10 point penalty will be applied to any program turned in which does not do this. Many of you are already doing it. For example: #MARS OR #SPIM…. . then write your program....
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