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Spring 2008 Prog 5

Spring 2008 Prog 5 - CSC 320 Program Assignment Number Five...

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CSC 320 Program Assignment Number Five Spring Semester, 2008 Due March 20, 2008 This assignment is intended to bring together all of the various techniques that we have been studying for the past few weeks. You may re-use any code that you have already developed as well as any code presented in class and put on the share drive. This assignment will count as 2 regular programming assignments. You are to write a MIPS program which will meet the following specifications and perform the indicated tasks: Your main function should be a driver that only prints out the menu, using a switch statement to call separate functions to perform the various tasks. Your program should offer the user, with appropriate prompts, the following options: Using the data file provided: 1. Build a queue, unsorted, implemented as a singly linked list. (Your program should print the list, 20 values to a line, after the list is constructed. 2. Build a queus, sorted in ascending order, also implemented as a singly linked list, again, print the list.
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