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Lecture Notes Section 2. Computer Architecture refers both to certain characteristics of computers and to the design methods used in realizing these characteristics. Thus we can use the term, Computer Architecture, to Describe the logical properties of a given computer Describe abstract properties of computers. Describe the process used in designing computers The abstract properties we wish to describe and the level of abstraction depend on the interests of the group using the information. At a high level we might describe a computers as mainframes, minicomputers, microcomputers, uniprocessors or multiprocessors At a lower level we might be interested in how many registers, what is the instruction set, what are the device’s speed and capability. We can divide the architecture of a given computer into two areas. Its external architecture could call it computer architecture or instruction set processor, or conventional machine level architecture Its internal architecture could call it processor architecture or computer organization The external architecture—the functional characteristics of computer this includes their externally observable behavior, properties, and capabilities. These properties are of interest to systems programmers responsible for writing operating systems and compilers for this machine and applications programmers involved in writing assembly language programs. The primary components of a computer’s external architecture include:
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LectureNotesPartTwo - Lecture Notes Section 2 Computer...

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