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Possible Paper Topics (Partial List, other topics will be added later) 1. A comparision of various encryption techniques and the level of security afforded. 2. A comparision of various compression techniques, briefly how do they work and what typical levels of compression can be expected. Taken… Casillo 3. A discussion of video compression techniques (undergrad only) Taken . .Smith 4. Firewalls, what are they and how do they work.
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Unformatted text preview: TakenMcKee 5. Spam filters, what are they and how do they work Taken . .OBryant 6. Viruses, worms, Trojan horseshow do they differ, how are they detected. Taken. .Nishanth 7. Comparison of Firewire and USB Taken Tuladhar 8. Security in wireless networks Taken Morshed 9. Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 10. others to be added later....
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