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Program1CarpetSp06 - much it would cost to carpet and trim...

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CIS 120 Programming Assignment 1 - Spring 2006 Sequence Control Structure, Input/Output, and Mathematical Operations Carpet Diem L & H Furnishing Company wants you to create a cost estimation program for their new line of carpet and trim. The carpet is measured and sold by the square foot and is purchased to cover the entire floor of a particular room. The trim is measured and sold by the foot and is used around the edge of a room to serve as a border between the carpet and the wall or other surfaces. Your program should ask the user for the following information: the cost per square foot of the selected carpet, the cost per foot of the selected trim, the length in feet of the room to be carpeted, and the width in feet of the room to be carpeted. You may assume that all rooms are rectangular in shape. Once the information is received, the program should then calculate and display how
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Unformatted text preview: much it would cost to carpet and trim the room. For this assignment, you should develop four test cases and check the results of each case. An example of a test case is given below. Input Output Case Carpet Cost Trim Cost Length Width Cost to Carpet Cost to Trim Total Cost 1 $4.50 $1.25 8 10 $360.00 $45.00 $405.00 Each test case should be verified with sample output created by running your program with the specified inputs as was done below. Test Case 1: Program due on: Monday, January 30, 2006 Place assignment in a large envelop with name, course, section, and assignment # on front top left of envelop. Enclose paper copies of documentation (see TemperatureConverterDocumentation.doc) and .java file. Place documentation, .java file, and .class file on CD....
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