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1. Demonstrate the importance of Native Title for the Land Rights Movement. A loss of identity, the loss of kinship and consequently the inability to exercise ceremonial responsibilities, the Native Title act was the watershed within the land rights movement for reunification of Aborigines throughout Australia with the land and themselves. Native Title most importantly provided a bridge in communication between the indigenous and non-indigenous populations and clarified the governmental and social position and evolving mentality. Terra Nullius was a concept from Roman law being applied in the 20 th century; to the Aborigines it was an outdated and an archaic notion. Eddie Mabo heavily motivated by Vincent Lingiari and the establishment of the Land Rights movement would abolish the idea that the land belonged to know one and gave birth to the Native Title
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act. The Native Title Act was a product of the Mabo decision and enabled Aborigines to claim land that they have been consistently linked to prior to 1788. However this was not the case if the land that had been bought by freehold owners and thus native title could only be claimed on crown land. Despite this setback Aboriginal people
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henrys responses - 1. Demonstrate the importance of Native...

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