VATICAN ll - VATICAN II Q Outline the changes in the...

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VATICAN II Q Outline the changes in the Catholic Church as a result of the Vatican II and explain the impact of these changes on Christianity. A The Catholic Church was affected greatly by the different implications of Vatican II. Pope John 23 was in power whilst Vatican II was initiated. The three main areas that affected the Catholic Church where, in the liturgy, the modern world and, ecumenism. Each one of these had a significant effect on the Catholic community throughout the world. Vatican II also known as the second ecumenical council was the largest council formed by Christianity throughout its whole history, consisting of around 2540 people. The council published 4 constitutions, 9 decrees and 3 declarations on the topics of renewal of the Catholic Church .The reason that the council lead by John the 23 rd was brought into place was to bring the church up to speed with the different “signs of the times” [1] which involved in the changing of rules to suit the changing designs of religious formations worldwide. It began the 11 th of October 1962 and went until the 8 th of December 1965. The council had both Catholic and non- catholic adherents that gave the council a vast perspective. Liturgy is one of the main ways that Catholicism is communicated and it was thought by the Vatican council that the liturgy had to be transformed into a celebration of life. Before Vatican II the priest would not involve any of the lay people working with the priest and he would only speak Latin facing the tabernacle the entire time. With the inclusion of layman including Eucharistic ministers the whole congregation could feel a sense of involvement. “Everyone is
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VATICAN ll - VATICAN II Q Outline the changes in the...

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